Swatch: Essie Meat Balls

Yeah, I admit. I got this polish because, when I saw a swatch on another site, I 40% liked the color and 60% liked the name.

When I tried it on, I 20% liked the color and 80% liked the name.

Meat Balls is kind of a warm peachy mauve-ish color (complicated, right?) with a gold shimmer. It looks pretty good with my skin tone, but it’s just not a color I usually wear.

I dug this out of my untrieds at the request of my SFAM (sister from another mister).

6 thoughts on “Swatch: Essie Meat Balls

  1. It’s … interesting. It’s a little bland. That’s the only word I can think of right now. And okay, it kind of vaguely resembles the color of uncooked hamburger meat (appetizing), but otherwise I don’t get the name. Thanks for swatching it, though, to appease my curiosity.

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