Pink Wednesdays: China Glaze Bad Kitty

Bad Kitty. Sounds kinky, yes?

Kinky? Maybe. Sexy? Definitely.

Originally released in the fall 2009 as part of a specialty collection, China Glaze Bad Kitty is multicolor glitter in a sheer candy-pink base.

This is three coats over an ridge-filling basecoat with two coats of Seche Vite.

Back in October, I had the pleasure of getting my hands on a lovely nail polish necklace from Ginger Kitty Designs. She also has a blog here. I picked up the necklace long before I was able to pick up an actual bottle of Bad Kitty LoL.

And I’m really glad I made this purchase. Tracey (the owner/designer) is the biggest sweetheart, and I really recommend checking out her store. You’ll be glad you did.

5 thoughts on “Pink Wednesdays: China Glaze Bad Kitty

  1. *Breaking my “no reading blogs until your paper that you’ve been pulling an all nighter to finish” rule*

    I loooooooooove this and yay pink! I’m in love with your nails, by the by.


    • Girl… I remember when I pulled all nighters to finish papers and then had to go to work at 8 AM the next day–and don’t remember being there.

      And thank you for your lovely compliment. *squishes*

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