NOTD: Zoya Kieko + Nail Art

For those of you keeping track, the teabag nail repair method is AWESOME. That is all.

This color was released as part of the Summertime (2011) collection. I’ve heard it’s a dupe for OPI’s Pamplona Purple. I don’t have that shade, so… yeah…

Can any of y’all tell I took that pic with my smartphone? I am so sad. My camera apparently eats batteries (it feels that way. I imagine it’s because I take 100’s of pictures).  So, I’m currently without my real camera.  I want a DSLR dammit. Or at least some rechargeable batteries. And these batteries are so odd, I have to go to a battery or camera store to get them. WTF.

While I’m sitting here waiting for the Hubs to throw on some damn clothes and take me to the casino, I decided to stamp a design (IKR?! I’m excited too). When I said “a” design, that’s exactly what I mean:

Just one

That’s China Glaze Millenium. Freaking awesome.

I need more stamping plates.

Nail Art: Casino Style


By the time you read this, hubs and I will be at the casino. I know, we’re always at the casino. This time we’re staying a couple of days WOOT. Do people even say “WOOT” anymore?

Either way, I decided it was high time I cracked into some water decals that I purchased from evilBay a few months ago. (I have another pack that I’m waiting for football season before I whip them out on my unsuspecting readers).

Back to the ramblings… we will be in Biloxi tomorrow through Tuesday. If you’re in town, stop by. I can usually be found at the roulette wheel. If I’m not there, I’m in the poker room.  😉

Click for better detail

I put on a coat of Zoya’s Soho Punch (which is really sheer and meant as a layering polish) to pink up my nail beds. Then, I painted the french tip in white. Then, I did the water decal placement.

Less blurry?

I had way too much free edge on a few nails (I’m looking at you, ring finger…) for this particular design. But it’s really fun. And it looks great in real life.

Have a great week everyone!



Pink Wednesdays: Zoya Cassi

Welcome to Pink Wednesdays!

I’m back in action and ready to roll so let’s get on to the polish, shall we?

Zoya describes Cassi as a “peachy-pink with coral tones and sparkling white gold shimmer.”

I like it. This is three coats with a coat of Seche Vite.

Blast from the Past: Zoya Flowie

I invite you to journey back with me to my first Zoya polish ever.

Pretty sure I bought this in early 2000’s.  😉

Yes, it’s a terrible picture. You know those times when you think you have sense in your head? This was one of them.

Anyhow, I have about half a bottle left. It’s gloopy and it laughs in the face of polish thinner. I keep it for sentimental reasons.

I best describe it as a pinkish brown (tan?) color. Zoya describes it as a “light brown creme with peach overtones.” Either way…

NOTD: Zoya Dannii

I got in a lot of nail mail today. I woke up, and it was sitting on my desk.

Yeehaw, I say.

This is Zoya Dannii from the recent Intimates collection. I’ve been eyeballing this girl for a while, and I’m really glad I decided to get it when Zoya was doing their Earth Day promotion. I got five other colors too.  :X

This is three coats and a coat of Seche Vite. It’s easily a two-coater, but I sorta messed one up and had to put a 3rd coat on. My bad.

I may have to miss Pink Wednesday tomorrow because I just don’t want to take this off.