31 Days of Halloween- Day 28: Mummified

Each day brings us closer to Halloween. Everyone got their costumes ready to roll?

Today I have for you Mummy Nails!

I wanted Konad plate S06 for this design so I could have perfect lines. But it was not meant to be. I will have it before next Halloween though! LoL

I started with a white base & sponged on a light brown polish (dirty bandages anyone?). Then came the acrylic paints for the wrapping and trappings.

I hope you like them. 😀


31 Days of Halloween- Day 20: Candy Corn Nails

And good morning to you guys. I hope this morning is finding you well. 🙂

Today’s entry is another super simple nail design. And it doesn’t require a whole lot. Just three colors and either some hole reinforcers (from school supply section) or some french tip stickers (which I used).

I started with the yellow (Hard Candy Splendid). I waited for that to dry, then placed a french tip guide right where I wanted the orange to start. The orange is Wet ‘n Wild Sunny Side Up (apparently this is my go-to orange this season). Once that dried, I placed another guide sticker where I wanted the white to start. For this white, I used China Glaze White On White. Once I was finished (and cleaned up the lines a little bit), I used a coat of Seche to seal it all in.

And because I’ve never seen a shiny piece of candy corn in the real world, I added a coat of China Glaze Matte Magic. LoL.

You can use this design for a funky french (which I love the look of those) or invert the colors (you’d start with white at the top). You can use glitter or shimmer polishes–anything you want. 🙂

Nail Art: Roll Tide Roll

Hello everyone!

I’m really sorry about my longer-than-planned hiatus. As you know, the hubs and I just moved to Florida, and it’s been more of a challenge than we originally thought (from the water heater breaking to the kitchen sink leaking…well, you get the idea). But I plan to be back into the swing of things starting today!

As you may or may not know, I am a huge college football fan. I can deal with the NFL, but only for the Saints, and only if I’m in the mood. I’m always in the mood for college football, though. My absolute favorite team is the University of Alabama Crimson Tide.

And today (since it’s the first game of the season, and we whooped butt), I decided to share with you my rendition of the houndstooth pattern made famous by Coach Paul “Bear” Bryant that’s synonymous with the Alabama Crimson Tide:

Don't ever let anyone tell you that this is not hard to draw by hand

I know there’s a Konad plate with this exact pattern on it. Unfortunately for me, I don’t have it (but I will get you one day, my pretty!). So this is all hand-drawn with a black nail art striper over China Glaze’s White On White. I didn’t make the picture that big, so you can’t see all of my screw ups. 😀

Now where I’m from, you’re either for Alabama or Auburn. If you’re for any team other than those two, you kind of get an “Aww, aren’t you cute?” and a pat on the head. And we immediately dismiss your credibility for the entire season.

And come football season, it’s hard to be friends with people who are for the opposite team. My SFAM, for example, is for Auburn. I don’t blame her… it’s what she grew up with. Just like Alabama is what I grew up with. I let her have her gloaty moments, and she allows me mine. We’ve come to an understanding. 😀

However, don’t even get me started on the Iron Bowl (Alabama vs. Auburn). Bragging rights for the entire year. A team can lose every game the whole season, but if they win this one, it makes everything all better. Crazy eh? And folks are *aggressive* about their teams.

It’s hard to explain if you didn’t grow up in it. It’s just the way of life around these parts. 😉

Enjoy! And ROLL TIDE!

Nail Art: Casino Style


By the time you read this, hubs and I will be at the casino. I know, we’re always at the casino. This time we’re staying a couple of days WOOT. Do people even say “WOOT” anymore?

Either way, I decided it was high time I cracked into some water decals that I purchased from evilBay a few months ago. (I have another pack that I’m waiting for football season before I whip them out on my unsuspecting readers).

Back to the ramblings… we will be in Biloxi tomorrow through Tuesday. If you’re in town, stop by. I can usually be found at the roulette wheel. If I’m not there, I’m in the poker room.  😉

Click for better detail

I put on a coat of Zoya’s Soho Punch (which is really sheer and meant as a layering polish) to pink up my nail beds. Then, I painted the french tip in white. Then, I did the water decal placement.

Less blurry?

I had way too much free edge on a few nails (I’m looking at you, ring finger…) for this particular design. But it’s really fun. And it looks great in real life.

Have a great week everyone!



Independence Day Nail Art

Ok, so one mani wasn’t enough (Yes it totally was, but you get my point).

I decided to get up early this AM and do a water marble.

Now y’all know I’m not the best in the world at this water marble BS. But I have to say I’m pretty proud of this one–even if the colors are crazy and the patterns are all wonky. I also have to say that I don’t know how you ladies who do these all the time (and on all of your fingers!) don’t go nuts after the first few. My ADD kicks in so bad around the fourth nail, that I want to say to hell with it and photograph what I have. It took me about 4 hours to get these done.

Exhibit A--Left Hand

Exhibit B--Right Hand

Exhibit C--OMG She's Got Two Hands!

The red is Wet ‘n Wild Red Red, the white is ChG White On White and the blue is MAC Spirit Of Truth.

To my American friends: Have a safe and happy 4th of July holiday. If you drink, don’t drive–do the Watermelon Crawl. 😉