Wet ‘n Wild Buffy The Violet Slayer

Just a quick nail I did a couple of days ago. I received this polish as a gift from a friend.


I had been wanting this polish for a little bit.

I don’t know if it was the formula or the brush (or a combination of both), but it was a chore getting this on my nails.



Have a good rest of your weekends. 🙂

NOTD: Wet ‘n Wild Cost Is No Issue

Hello again.

I have been busy mulling over what I’m going to wear to my brother-in-law’s wedding this weekend–on my fingertips, that is.

I have swatched this and that. I still can’t decide. But, I figured I’d show you one of the Wet ‘n Wild color icon polishes from this past winter while I have it on my nails. 🙂

The pictures might be a bit blurry–the polish is quite reflective and caused the camera to flip out a bit.

I might wind up wearing this to the wedding after all–glitter is such a pain to remove. Even with the foil method.


31 Days of Halloween- Day 27: Wet ‘n Wild Behind Closed Doors

I had to drive to Mobile to get this polish.

Well, to be fair, I was already on my way to Mobile for other reasons. But it was the closest place on the Nouveau Cheap sightings map. I am still hoping to get lucky and find it around town because I wasn’t able to get Tangled In My Web *shakes fist.*

Behind Closed Doors is part of the On The Prowl Halloween collection from Wet ‘n Wild. It’s large red hex & small red glitters in a sheer black base.

It will eventually become opaque (I used four generous coats here), but I really suggest layering over black to get more bang for your buck.

This is the one polish that I really really wanted out of the On The Prowl collection. It reminds me of red blood cells.


31 Days of Halloween- Day 19: Glow in the Dark Comparisons

Hey HEY hey.

I thought, since there are quite a few glow in the dark polishes out there, that yours truly should buy a few and see how they stacked up against each other. I really like glow in the dark polishes–it’s the little something extra that people don’t expect usually.

First item up is Fantasy Makers Night Glow. You know–the one with the tombstone bottle…

Fantasy Makers Night Glow. Index & Middle: 3 coats over basecoat. Ring & Pinky: 3 coats over white.

I thought I’d show this to you two different ways: they’re both three coats, but the Ring & Pinky fingers are layered over white. And it makes them shine like crazy. But they’re still pretty good over a regular basecoat…should you ever catch yourself at a rave (do they even have those anymore??!) and need to stand out without a glow stick. I bought this particular Night Glow last year at Spirit Halloween. My only complaint? The goo that actually glows separates, and I have to shake it like a polaroid picture right before I use it. (Inadvertent earworm again… my bad). It might be because it’s from last year… I dunno.

Next in my quest for the most awesome glow in the dark is the cute lil $0.99 Sally Girl polish… which never have names. They were in a display all by their lonesomes. And I can’t remember what the display was called LoL. OMG I am terrible, I know. One of these days, I might actually pull myself together and take display pictures. You never know.

Sally Girl Glow in the Dark. Index & Middle: 3 coats over basecoat. Ring & Pinky: 3 coats over white.

To my nekkid eyeball, this doesn’t glow as much as the Fantasy Makers Night Glow. But for $0.99, you can’t beat it with a stick.

And the final candidate for consideration is China Glaze’s Ghoulish Glow. This is the polish that I’ve been hoping I could get my pudgy fingers on. Let’s see how it does.

China Glaze Ghoulish Glow. Index & Middle: 3 coats over basecoat. Ring & Pinky: 3 coats over white.

To me, this isn’t as glowy as the Fantasy Makers or even the Sally Girl when looking at it in real life. In fact, I can barely see the glow on the nekkid fingernails (but it glows fairly well over the white). I do give it props for ease of use. I also give it props for photographing like it will glow forever & outshine all the others. LoL.

BTW, none of these polishes have a topcoat on them.


31 Days of Halloween- Day 15: Fantasy Makers Black Magic

Two of them!

These are both Black Magic by Fantasy Makers. One you will be able to find in this year’s displays (I got mine at Walgreens). And the other, I’m not sure you can find since it came out with last year’s Halloween set.

The one you can easily get (if you can find the displays) is the one on the left (or bottom depending on which photo you look at).

I don’t know why I thought you guys didn’t need a bottle picture… sorry!

This is a black with orange & silver (maybe light blue?) shimmer. I couldn’t really tell. The orange is very visible and the other, not so much.

This is three coats and no top coat.

Now, the one you might not be able to get your paws on as easily is the version of Black Magic from last year.

Index & Middle- 3 coats. Ring & Pinky- 1 coat over black

The old version of Black Magic is a clear base packed full of multicolor bar glitter. Or as my Twitter-buddy MsMidnightBlue calls it: Hair Glitter. LoL XD

I picked this up last year at my local Spirit Halloween.

Index & Middle- 3 coats. Ring & Pinky- 1 coat over black

I may be one of the few people left in the world who actually likes bar glitter. In fact, I saw a whole box of Martha Stewart glitters at JoAnn the other day, and I got all excited about the bar glitter (and the flakies, of course).

Index & Middle- 3 coats. Ring & Pinky- 1 coat over black

As you can see, this is probably never going to become opaque. It’s best layered, in my opinion.

Index & Middle- New version. Ring & Pinky- Old version

Aren’t those tombstone caps cute??

P.S. Today is the last day to enter my Halloween haiku giveaway! It ends at 11:59 Central time. I want to thank everyone who has entered and who is thinking of entering. It’s been fun reading these wonderful entries. 😀