31 Days of Halloween- Day 16: Spooky Owl Nails

Or cute. Depends on your point of view. Ha. 🙂

This design is based off of IHaveACupcake’s Owl Nail Art YouTube video. I recommend checking out this talented lady’s designs.

I first began by deciding what the color of my owls would be. I wanted them more creepy and realistic, so I chose a brownish gray–Orly Sea Gurl from their Birds of a Feather collection:

Two coats, no top coat

Then I painted the wings with Orly’s Nite Owl–also from Birds of a Feather collection. (Nite Owl… how serendipitous lol). I used my largest dotting tool to make the base of the eyes in China Glaze Ingrid.

I took a nail art striper in a golden orange and made the beaks and feathers. Black creme makes the eyes and the golden orange finishes them nicely. I used the same black creme to add angry eyebrows LoL.

Apply a top coat and you’re done. 😀


I also wanted to thank everyone who entered the Halloween haiku giveaway. Judging is going on as we speak (or as you read). I will notify the winner ASAP.  😀

NOTD: Julep Toni

The best-laid plans…

I should stop making plans to be a better blogger until I get my schedules fixed. I just set myself up for frustration and resentment.

So without further ado, here is the polish that came in my September Julep Maven “Classic With a Twist” box:

Toni is that world-famous smokey-purplish taupe color (creme finish) that was really popular last year.

I really like the way it looks with my skin tone. This is a color that a lot of people can wear.

This is three coats with a coat of Essie Good to Go! topcoat.

In the September Maven box, I also got their cuticle oil (it has a neat roller-ball applicator) which smells like Fruity Pebbles, their SPF 30 hand cream and a glass nail file (which I’m grateful for–I recently broke my glass file while staying at the casino on the last trip). A few others I know received a lint roller in their boxes, but I didn’t get one. It’s cool. I don’t need a lint roller. It’s a futile effort to get cat hair off my clothes anyhow.