NOTD: Sinful Colors Irish Green + Green Ocean + St. Patty’s Nail Art

Too much? Haha! Never! Well, maybe.

Hubby and I are both Irish (for reals. I had his wedding ring engraved with “Mo gràidh–M’fhear céile”).

I want to go to McGuire’s Irish Pub in Pensacola for dinner tonight. Hubby asked if I’m high. Apparently. That place is crowded like mad during a regular week–I shudder to think of how packed out it’s going to be (it’s quite the tourist trap). Maybe I’ll just sit home and drink beer and eat my corned beef & cabbage like the gods intended. Or go grab some Thai. Mmmm Tom Ka.

Anyhow (LoL), here’s my St. Patty’s Day mani. It’s Sinful Colors Irish Green with Sinful Colors Green Ocean (ohhh flakies).

And, of course, that delightful shamrock on my accent nail. It was going to be a four-leaf clover, but I could only find three green heart rhinestones in my package (devastating, I know >.<) .

I don’t mind that it’s pretty sheer and there’s tons of VNL (visible nail line). My free edge is behaving today, so I’m good.

And for reference, this is Irish Green by itself. Three coats of it. It’s never going to be opaque, just so’s you know. When I layered it over white earlier today, my eyes started watering at the brightness. So I decided to just let it be the transparent green jelly it was destined to be.

It’s the color of electrified Leprechaun snot. And Green Ocean is the consistency of Leprechaun snot. The perfect combo. Ha!