NOTD: Orly Androgynie

I should have worn this color on Halloween. It’s beautiful.


I’ve had this puppy in my possession for a year now, and I never wore it. Shame on me. This came in the 2011 Holiday Soiree collection.

I think I described it last year as “Rocket Sex in a Bottle.”

It’s sexy microglitter (gold, I think?) and multicolored hex glitter in a black base. I really like how it reminds me of galaxy nails without all the work.

A helpful tip, if your glitter seems to be settling on the bottom or sides and not on your brush, store the bottle upside down for a day or so.

Have a great weekend everyone. 🙂

NOTD: Orly Fowl Play

Good goddess, I am lazy.

I figured I’d get off my butt and show y’all this polish before the seasons changed. The winter solstice is coming up soon. Y’all got your holly (yule) logs ready to burn?

Unfortunately, it’s not just lazy that’s been holding me down. It’s being mopey too. I gotta get over that, otherwise the house will come crashing down around my ears. The hubs will be gone for at least three weeks, and this is barely day 3. Le sigh.

Anyhow, I’ve been meaning to show you this for months now. October was busy (of course), but I’ve worn it since then. Finally, I wore it again for Thanksgiving at my brother’s house (where I knew it would go unappreciated. But they can’t help that).

Fowl Play is from the Birds of a Feather collection released for Fall 2011. It’s a purple jelly base packed full of vibrant flakies (FLAKIES!).

I usually layer this polish over a purple base (such as Purple Nurple), but I decided to wear & show it to you on it’s own. This is three coats with a coat of Seche.

I must apologize for the condition of my hands and nails. They are quite dry during the winter. Usually no amount of moisturizing gets them to behave. :\


Pink Wednesdays: Orly Pixy Stix + Nail Art

It’s that time again… Pink Wednesday!

Today I have for you Pixy Stix from Orly. This was released in the Sweet Collection for Spring 2010.

This is three coats over a ridge-filling basecoat with a coat of Seche Vite.

Originally, I had borrowed this polish from a co-worker (where I used to waste my life). Back then, I had thrown on some FIMO grapefruit 3D nail art canes.

And that made me love it even more.  😀

So when I had the opportunity to buy this a few months ago, I snapped it up.


P.S. By the time you read this, I will be in Atlanta visiting my SFAM (sister from another mister).

NOTD: Orly Royal Velvet

I have for you today one of the polishes from the Orly Precious collection for Spring 2011. This is Royal Velvet.

It’s a lovely royal purple with a strong blue shimmer. It reminded me (a lot) of RBL Scrangie when I was first applying it, except the shimmer is blue and not green (and, of course, the purple is darker).

The blue shimmer is so strong that it winds up looking like a duochrome.

Do I like this polish? Uh, yeah. A lot. There were no application issues.

Do I recommend this polish? Pffft, of course.

Gratuitous purple shot--Ha!

It’s purple and blue–my two favorite colors. How could I not recommend it?

NOTD: Orly Galaxy Girl

This is my Nail of the Day (NOTD) from yesterday: Orly Galaxy Girl. It’s a deep purple with a turquoise shimmer, which is nearly impossible to capture. I apologize for the spots that need cleaning up–I was running outside to catch the last rays of sunlight.