31 Days of Halloween- Day 31: China Glaze It’s Alive

Happy Halloween everyone!

Soooo I was saving my (personal) best for last. I have for you China Glaze It’s Alive from this year’s Halloween collection shown two ways. It’s Alive has a sheer dark green base packed with bright green microglitter and small hex glitter.

First, I wore it regularly for a day or so, with just a top coat:

This is three coats of polish and two coats of top coat (because this polish eats top coat).

Oooh, Ahhh.

Then, I wore it matte for a day:

I can’t tell if I like it better shiny or matte. 😉

So I will tell y’all how 31 Days of Halloween came into existence: I was lying in bed with the hubs one morning in August (we were just about to crash down for the night). I was thinking of what all I could do on the blog for October. I knew I had some nail polishes that I had picked up last year (but wasn’t blogging yet) that I wanted to show. And I also knew that October would not be complete without showing some Halloween nail art. So I grabbed my notepad (the one I take with me almost everywhere–in case inspiration strikes on the road), and we brainstormed nail art ideas.

I had more ideas on my paper than I knew what to do with.

So I picked a few here and there to play around with… snapped some pictures… and the rest is history. I hope you have truly enjoyed this segment as much as I have enjoyed putting it together.

See you all on the flip side!

31 Days of Halloween-Day 30: Zombie Nails

Ghoul morning my friends. (Ha!)

Today’s nail art is the last I have to showcase for you during this glorious month of Halloween. Sadness, I know. 😉

Enter Zombie Nails:

For the base, I started with a black creme (China Glaze Liquid Leather). Then, I sponged on a gray creme (Pure Ice Kiss Me Here).

Next, I lightly sponged on a combination of Pure Ice’s Wild Thing (almost a chartreuse green) and Wet ‘n Wild’s Fantasy Makers Night Glow (glow in the dark) to mimic putrescence. Did y’all know that putrescence kind of glows in the dark? There’s a tip from me to you.

At this point, I had some pretty gruesome-looking nails. But I wanted to add something to really make this stand out. So I added some dripping blood using Fright Night’s Claw Polish in Bloodshed. Then, I coated it with Matte Magic to make it look like old, dried blood.

And then, I wound up dinging one of my nails. Instead of being cheesed off, I thought: Holy balls, Batman! It looks like layers of my nail are coming off. I love it! So I dinged up the rest of my nails to look like that.

So there you have it. LoL.


P.S. I think these would be more effective if I had used some Halloween makeup to paint my hands a gruesome blackened gray. But I didn’t have any handy. 😦

31 Days of Halloween- Day 29: Easy Peasy Mani

I know this is a swatch-type day, but I wanted to show you guys that doing your nails up for Halloween doesn’t have to mean a whole lot of pomp and circumstance–unless you want it to. 🙂

For example, I simply painted my nails in a basic orange (you can totally use any base color you wish… sparkles… glitter… you name it). Purple would also work really well here, or maybe something to match that costume you’re wearing to that party. You get the drift.

Then you simply coat it with a layer of black crackle-type polish (there are probably hundreds on the market now). I find that crackle coats work best with three quick strokes. Don’t worry about applying it perfectly–it’s going to crack anyhow.

Add a layer of top coat, and BOOM. Done.

The color combination here is what screams Halloween. And it was crazy simple to do.

You could also probably paint your nails a lighter color, coat them with a glow in the dark polish, then crackle.


31 Days of Halloween- Day 28: Mummified

Each day brings us closer to Halloween. Everyone got their costumes ready to roll?

Today I have for you Mummy Nails!

I wanted Konad plate S06 for this design so I could have perfect lines. But it was not meant to be. I will have it before next Halloween though! LoL

I started with a white base & sponged on a light brown polish (dirty bandages anyone?). Then came the acrylic paints for the wrapping and trappings.

I hope you like them. 😀


31 Days of Halloween- Day 27: Wet ‘n Wild Behind Closed Doors

I had to drive to Mobile to get this polish.

Well, to be fair, I was already on my way to Mobile for other reasons. But it was the closest place on the Nouveau Cheap sightings map. I am still hoping to get lucky and find it around town because I wasn’t able to get Tangled In My Web *shakes fist.*

Behind Closed Doors is part of the On The Prowl Halloween collection from Wet ‘n Wild. It’s large red hex & small red glitters in a sheer black base.

It will eventually become opaque (I used four generous coats here), but I really suggest layering over black to get more bang for your buck.

This is the one polish that I really really wanted out of the On The Prowl collection. It reminds me of red blood cells.