NOTD: China Glaze Let’s Do It In 3-D


Today I wanted to share with you one of the polishes I received from Secret Santadom: China Glaze Let’s Do It In 3-D.

I will admit, when I first saw the bottle, I was not impressed. There were NO rainbows. None. Sunlight, OttLite, indoors or out, I could not see overwhelming holo goodness from this bottle.

Then, I tried it on.

And SPLADOW! There it was.

“Oh you don’t think I’m shiny enough??! How ’bout I blind you right in your left eyeball??! BLAM!”

LoL, anyhow… this is 4 coats. I did 3 originally and topped it with Essie Good to Go!, but it seemed not quite as holo to me, so I put another coat of Let’s Do It In 3-D. And I likes it.

I hope everyone had a safe New Year’s. Enjoy!

31 Days of Halloween-Day 30: Zombie Nails

Ghoul morning my friends. (Ha!)

Today’s nail art is the last I have to showcase for you during this glorious month of Halloween. Sadness, I know. 😉

Enter Zombie Nails:

For the base, I started with a black creme (China Glaze Liquid Leather). Then, I sponged on a gray creme (Pure Ice Kiss Me Here).

Next, I lightly sponged on a combination of Pure Ice’s Wild Thing (almost a chartreuse green) and Wet ‘n Wild’s Fantasy Makers Night Glow (glow in the dark) to mimic putrescence. Did y’all know that putrescence kind of glows in the dark? There’s a tip from me to you.

At this point, I had some pretty gruesome-looking nails. But I wanted to add something to really make this stand out. So I added some dripping blood using Fright Night’s Claw Polish in Bloodshed. Then, I coated it with Matte Magic to make it look like old, dried blood.

And then, I wound up dinging one of my nails. Instead of being cheesed off, I thought: Holy balls, Batman! It looks like layers of my nail are coming off. I love it! So I dinged up the rest of my nails to look like that.

So there you have it. LoL.


P.S. I think these would be more effective if I had used some Halloween makeup to paint my hands a gruesome blackened gray. But I didn’t have any handy. 😦

31 Days of Halloween- Day 16: Spooky Owl Nails

Or cute. Depends on your point of view. Ha. 🙂

This design is based off of IHaveACupcake’s Owl Nail Art YouTube video. I recommend checking out this talented lady’s designs.

I first began by deciding what the color of my owls would be. I wanted them more creepy and realistic, so I chose a brownish gray–Orly Sea Gurl from their Birds of a Feather collection:

Two coats, no top coat

Then I painted the wings with Orly’s Nite Owl–also from Birds of a Feather collection. (Nite Owl… how serendipitous lol). I used my largest dotting tool to make the base of the eyes in China Glaze Ingrid.

I took a nail art striper in a golden orange and made the beaks and feathers. Black creme makes the eyes and the golden orange finishes them nicely. I used the same black creme to add angry eyebrows LoL.

Apply a top coat and you’re done. 😀


I also wanted to thank everyone who entered the Halloween haiku giveaway. Judging is going on as we speak (or as you read). I will notify the winner ASAP.  😀

31 Days of Halloween-Day 12: Alien Nail Art

So the hubs is a big Sci-Fi geek. One year, he carved us an alien pumpkin for Halloween.

So now I’m doing some alien nails for Halloween. LoL

I had to franken a base for these. I used China Glaze Lemon Fizz and Pure Ice Kiss Me Here. For every 4 drops of LF, I added 3 of KMH. So you get the idea if you try to duplicate it.

The eyes & nostrils are acrylic paint dabbed on with a dotting tool. The mouth is a nail art striper.

It’s a fairly simple design. The only thing that might drive you a little nuts is the eye shape. It’s easy to mess that up. 🙂


P.S. Don’t forget to enter my Halloween haiku giveaway!

31 Days of Halloween- Day 6: Graveyard Nail Art

Hello my dear friends!

Today, I have some more nail art for your enjoyment. A graveyard to be exact. Mwahaha…

No topcoat. Not really shiny by itself. Also, I am swatching it here because I've never shown this before by itself. And, all I have is the teeny bottle LoL.

I started with a base of OPI’s Suzi Skis In The Pyrenees. This is a really dark smokey blue/charcoal gray bordering on black (and it does appear black if you use too many coats). It really looks a bit grainy with two coats, so I used three here.

The above design is made using all acrylic paints and my favorite brush, a 5/0 Spotter. I started with the tombstones. Then, I painted in a lot of dead grass. Next came the moon and the tree. Finally, a few clouds finished it off. Then, a thick coat of Seche Vite sealed it in nicely.

I really hope you like this design. It took me longer than I had anticipated LoL.

I also really hope you’re enjoying 31 Days of Halloween. Feel free to share these designs with your friends. 😀

P.S. Don’t forget to enter my Halloween haiku giveaway!