31 Days of Halloween- Day 25: Fright Night Claw Polish VooDoo

Ok, it says “Spellbinding Top Coat,” but I declare B.S. LoL

It’s really a red base slammed full of red microglitter. There is no “top coat” about this one, unless you’re layering it over Bloodshed or another red. But by that point, you might as well just use a few coats of this one by itself.

This is three coats, no top coat.

Another strike against the “top coat” B.S.–it doesn’t dry shiny enough for my taste.

So, I slapped on a coat of ChG Matte Magic. I’ll show it!

Meh… it kind of loses something in the translation. LoL


31 Days of Halloween- Day 23: Fright Night Claw Polish Poison

So we meet again…

I have another cute coffin polish to show you today. 😀

This time, it’s a sexy royal purple with bright pink shimmer. And remember, the cap comes right off so you can paint more easily.

Here, you see three coats and a coat of Seche Vite. It really only needs two coats–it’s just that good. And purple is always one of my favorite Halloween shades (it’s one of my favorite colors anyhow).

So, when I was painting this one on, I thought that purple with bright pink shimmer sounded familiar. So I pulled out China Glaze’s Señorita Bonita seen here.

Not a dupe, by any means. The purple is much, much lighter in SB. But it is familiar with that pink shimmer. 😉

I do miss those talons sometimes.


31 Days of Halloween- Day 21: Fright Night Claw Polish Bloodshed + Giveaway Winner

That was a long title. But ohhh so worth it!

Have you seen these freaking cute polishes? They’re shaped like coffins! But fear not–the tops come right off, so you can paint with ease. Observe:

It also helps me line them back up so my OCD doesn’t explode.

Anyhow, I decided to show you this one first because I’ve used it in many of my nail art designs (and at least one coming up at the end of this month), but I’ve never given it the proper introduction.

Bloodshed (certainly well-named) is a typical red creme. More like fresh blood this time, though. 😉 Very buttery application. Zero problems.

Here you see it with three coats and a coat of Seche Vite.

It’s one of the smoothest polishes I’ve worked with. 🙂

And honestly, if you don’t get it for anything else, get it for the bottle. It will make you smile.

*** And now, I would like to let the world know who the winner of my Halloween Haiku Giveaway is (unless you follow me on Twitter, where I’ve already let the world know)– Jennifer from http://laquerlover.blogspot.com ***

Y’all, she only beat out 2nd place (of which there were two tied for that position) by one point. That’s how close this thing was. I want to thank everyone for entering. There was much fun had by all! ❤