Blast from the Past: Essie Turquoise & Caicos

I decided that I’d start posting some of the polishes I wore a while back… but never got around to showing. 🙂

Today’s exhibit is Essie’s Turquoise & Caicos. You can tell how old this pic is by the watermark. LoL.

Anyhow, I figured since it’s such a lovely day outside, I’d show this spring-delicious polish.


Swatched: Julep Maya + Taylor

Hi everybody. 🙂

The hubs and I are back in Mobile, so I’ve been pretty lax lately about posting. I even had my one-year blogiversary this past week and completely forgot about it. >.<

I’m really really excited that Mardi Gras is in the air. Dauphin Island already had their parades this past weekend & Mobile’s parades start tonight with the Conde Cavaliers. I haven’t decided if we’re going to all of the parades like we did last year. It’s a lot of beads and drinking. It wore me out. LoL

On to the swatches of the polishes that came in my January box:

Maya is a frosty peach color. This is my third attempt to make it look good.

Not even going to lie… I don’t like this one. Frosty brushstroke central. And the shade isn’t flattering on me at all. I’m having a hard time picturing what skin tone this would look good on. The frost just kills it.

I could barely keep it on long enough to take the pictures.

Usually, I do one swatch per post, but I felt like that would be cheating y’all out of a decent polish. So I put on the other January-box polish:

Taylor is a blurple (blue-purple) with a creme finish. It shows up purple in the bottle and is more blue than purple on the nail. It was a nice break from the frosty nightmare. 😉

This applied fairly well. This is three coats and a coat of Seche.

When I was looking at it in the bottle, I thought it might make an OK base for Mardi Gras nail art, but it’s just too blue to get away with. Ah well.


NOTD: Julep Michelle

Hey there!

I decided that, since it was the holiday season and this color screams holiday to me, I would finally show you what came in my Maven box for November (I paused my December box, so you’ll get a small break lol).

Michelle is that perfect navy blue creme. It always looks blue, never black. Did I tell y’all that navy blue is my favorite color? I kind of ruined it when I made my first wedding bridesmaids wear it, but the hell with it–I’m taking it back. (The dresses were freaking sexy-hot though).

This three coats with a coat of Seche. The blue background you’ve been seeing for the last few posts? That’s the sky outside.

Gratuitous shot. Oh yeah, you’ll probably be seeing this color again as the backdrop for nail art later in the month. 🙂

And because navy blue and silver is one of my all-time favorite color combinations, I’ve got a silver glitter gradient for you:

Ahh… metallic snowfall. I love it.

Do y’all know that I don’t own a plain silver glitter polish? I have gold and holo out the wazoo, but no silver. I did this with a nail art striper.


Swatched: Julep Keira

I’m trying to get out of my lazy slump.

With hubby going to Massachusetts for three weeks to train on his new job, I’ve been kind of moping around. Then there’s the business trying to find somewhere to live where we’re relocating. If you follow me on Twitter, you know that’s New Jersey.

If you follow me in real life, you know that I am Southern through and through and I am really nervous. I have never lived farther north than Birmingham, AL (hush). I have visited all up and down the East Coast, but never stayed for very long. So this is going to be a huge change for me.


I thought it was past time to show you one of the polishes that came in my October Julep Maven box. October was already booked solid though, so now is the time. 🙂

This is Keira, which is a deep red/maroon/mulberry creme.

It applies very well, and I had zero problems with it.

Sorry for the odd position. Hubby had to take this with the new camera & apparently, I didn't hold my hand correctly.

This is three coats without top coat.

Also in October’s box was another color (which I will show later this week) and the Glow On Age Defying Hand Brightener. I keep wondering when they’re going to send a topcoat to go with the basecoat they sent in the first box. 🙂


31 Days of Halloween- Day 21: Fright Night Claw Polish Bloodshed + Giveaway Winner

That was a long title. But ohhh so worth it!

Have you seen these freaking cute polishes? They’re shaped like coffins! But fear not–the tops come right off, so you can paint with ease. Observe:

It also helps me line them back up so my OCD doesn’t explode.

Anyhow, I decided to show you this one first because I’ve used it in many of my nail art designs (and at least one coming up at the end of this month), but I’ve never given it the proper introduction.

Bloodshed (certainly well-named) is a typical red creme. More like fresh blood this time, though. 😉 Very buttery application. Zero problems.

Here you see it with three coats and a coat of Seche Vite.

It’s one of the smoothest polishes I’ve worked with. 🙂

And honestly, if you don’t get it for anything else, get it for the bottle. It will make you smile.

*** And now, I would like to let the world know who the winner of my Halloween Haiku Giveaway is (unless you follow me on Twitter, where I’ve already let the world know)– Jennifer from ***

Y’all, she only beat out 2nd place (of which there were two tied for that position) by one point. That’s how close this thing was. I want to thank everyone for entering. There was much fun had by all! ❤