Swatch: Chameleon Blue Sky

This is a Chameleon polish by the makers of CQ. The color is called Blue Sky and it’s a purple/blue duochrome.

This is three coats. It dries fairly quickly, but I must recommend using these polishes with a top coat. I was going to make this my NOTD a few days ago, but before I could take pictures the next day, it was flaking off. Yes, I said flaking. This went beyond mere chipping. But with a layer of top coat, it lasts much longer. The polish itself is fairly streaky on the first & second coats. There were some bald or thin spots, but a third coat seemed to level everything out.

According to the website for CQ, the Chameleon polishes are only available at Rite Aid.

And I apologize for the redness of my hand. It was chilly outside.