31 Days of Halloween- Day 16: Spooky Owl Nails

Or cute. Depends on your point of view. Ha. 🙂

This design is based off of IHaveACupcake’s Owl Nail Art YouTube video. I recommend checking out this talented lady’s designs.

I first began by deciding what the color of my owls would be. I wanted them more creepy and realistic, so I chose a brownish gray–Orly Sea Gurl from their Birds of a Feather collection:

Two coats, no top coat

Then I painted the wings with Orly’s Nite Owl–also from Birds of a Feather collection. (Nite Owl… how serendipitous lol). I used my largest dotting tool to make the base of the eyes in China Glaze Ingrid.

I took a nail art striper in a golden orange and made the beaks and feathers. Black creme makes the eyes and the golden orange finishes them nicely. I used the same black creme to add angry eyebrows LoL.

Apply a top coat and you’re done. 😀


I also wanted to thank everyone who entered the Halloween haiku giveaway. Judging is going on as we speak (or as you read). I will notify the winner ASAP.  😀

Blast from the Past: Zoya Flowie

I invite you to journey back with me to my first Zoya polish ever.

Pretty sure I bought this in early 2000’s.  😉

Yes, it’s a terrible picture. You know those times when you think you have sense in your head? This was one of them.

Anyhow, I have about half a bottle left. It’s gloopy and it laughs in the face of polish thinner. I keep it for sentimental reasons.

I best describe it as a pinkish brown (tan?) color. Zoya describes it as a “light brown creme with peach overtones.” Either way…

Blast from the Past: China Glaze Far Out

This is China Glaze’s Far Out from the Retro Diva collection (Fall 2009). On me, this shade is more of a brownish-orange with gold shimmer. It works really well with my skin tone.

I wore this when I went to a book signing for Sherrilyn Kenyon last year. She said it was an odd color.

Ha, Ms. Kenyon! This is relatively tame for me.  😉

Nail Art: More Mardi Gras!

Ok, so I couldn’t leave it at one set of designs. When I went to the Order of Inca parade last Friday night, I got inspired to do two more designs.

Moon pies and doubloons. Oh yeah.

Well, at least my interpretations (ha!)

I used a dotting tool with several different China Glaze polishes to create the “doubloons tossed from a float” look (sorry about the tip-wear).

I am not the world’s best fingernail artist, but there you go. And an interesting bit of trivia–I am right now noshing on a Double-Decker chocolate Moon Pie. Yum!

And for your enjoyment, a slideshow from the Order of Inca parade:

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

NOTD: OPI My Private Jet (un-awesome version)

This is OPI My Private Jet. The version I have is the one that appears as a more brown base without the obvious holographic goodness that was in the original version. It’s chock full of silver holo glitter, though. Unfortunately, it doesn’t do much for the overall finish of this polish (read: it’s unnecessary) .

Here’s another view in full sun: