NOTD: China Glaze Sugar Plums

So it’s only been 10 days since I last posted. That’s a record right? (._.  )

I have several of 2010’s ‘Tis the Season holiday polishes from China Glaze that I never got around to wearing (don’t worry, I’m ashamed). One of these beauties is Sugar Plums.

So I decided that I would start showing off those polishes which I could not show off last year. 🙂

The elusive right-handed pose. :O

Sugar Plums has a maroon (mulberry? I don’t think of it as plum. Maybe an overripe plum…) base which is packed full of silverish microglitter. On further inspection, the glitter reflects a lot of colors, so it could be holo-ish. 🙂

This is just three coats and two coats of Seche Vite. It dries really bumpy, so thick topcoat is a must-have for me.

I never do this pose either... I think my pinky looks really short in comparison to the other fingers. And my fingers look weird-shaped. :\

I love how this polish looks lit from within. It’s dark on the sides and lighter in the center.

I really dig this color and I hate that I waited so long to wear it. Vampies always have a special place in my heart. ❤


P.S. The sun was playing peek-a-boo today, and you can tell how the sky is gray instead of that bright blue that it usually is.

Swatched: Julep Keira

I’m trying to get out of my lazy slump.

With hubby going to Massachusetts for three weeks to train on his new job, I’ve been kind of moping around. Then there’s the business trying to find somewhere to live where we’re relocating. If you follow me on Twitter, you know that’s New Jersey.

If you follow me in real life, you know that I am Southern through and through and I am really nervous. I have never lived farther north than Birmingham, AL (hush). I have visited all up and down the East Coast, but never stayed for very long. So this is going to be a huge change for me.


I thought it was past time to show you one of the polishes that came in my October Julep Maven box. October was already booked solid though, so now is the time. 🙂

This is Keira, which is a deep red/maroon/mulberry creme.

It applies very well, and I had zero problems with it.

Sorry for the odd position. Hubby had to take this with the new camera & apparently, I didn't hold my hand correctly.

This is three coats without top coat.

Also in October’s box was another color (which I will show later this week) and the Glow On Age Defying Hand Brightener. I keep wondering when they’re going to send a topcoat to go with the basecoat they sent in the first box. 🙂


NOTD: Zoya Areej + Nail Art

The last of the Zoya’s I have is from the Summertime collection–Areej.

Areej is a berry purple creme. The application fought me a little, but it’s a very pretty shade.

This is two coats and a coat of Seche Vite.

Also, I’ve been eyeballing butterfly wing nail art around the web lately. And I practiced like a madwoman on Tanzy before I took it off. I would have loved to show an glittery orange butterfly, but I sucked at application, so I took it off immediately.

Fortunately, I was able to pull some off pretty OK designs using Areej as the base with a coat of Sinful Colors Frenzy glitter. I have for you butterfly wing nail art shown two different ways:

Full mani (Dont mind the smudged pinky)

Accent nail only

I am quite in love with this design at the moment.

Now, I just need more practice with my non-dominant hand so I can do more than just one design.  >.<

NOTD: China Glaze Hyper Haute

This pretty little thing is one of the new Tronica polishes released by China Glaze. I knew from other bloggers not to be expecting too much on the holo front, even though these are categorized as holographic. I promise you, the holo isn’t strong in these under ordinary circumstances. But, I can really see it flashing under the OttLite. No idea about how it flashes in actual sunlight because it was midnight when I put this on.  😉

I was already expecting to purchase three of the others based on swatches I had seen. This one found it’s way home with me because I loved the way it looked. I don’t own a lot of berry colored polishes, so I was glad to add this to the collection.

But good goddess at the cuticle drag. It applies about as bad as all other holo polishes I’ve ever put on, so make sure the previous coat is dry before trying to slap on the next one. And when painting, try not to go over the same spot more than once, or you’ll just wipe off the polish that’s already on there. This is three coats. No topcoat.

Do I recommend running out to buy these? Only if you really like the colors. I say appreciate the colors first, and any holo you might see in it is just gravy.  😉