China Glaze Blue Bells Ring

When I had to go out of town this past week, I stopped by my old favorite Sally store in Panama City and picked up this lovely. This was the only color that I wanted out of this collection, based on other swatches I had seen.



Blue Bells Ring is the prettiest blue foil I have ever seen.

BlueBellsRing2.1It’s also a one-coat wonder if you’re pretty careful about application. I did two coats here because I wasn’t careful. XD



I also picked up Glitter All The Way, but I’m saving it for Mardi Gras.




2 thoughts on “China Glaze Blue Bells Ring

  1. Love it! ❤ ❤ I'm gonna pick this one up, I should have in the first place. I do have Glitter All The Way. I can't wait to wear that one! I lubs your nails! ❤ I have nail envy. lol

    • You should totally have this.

      And I’m going to enjoy being able to peel my glitter off in one swoop. It looked more like Mardi Gras than chrimmas, so I’m saving it.

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