Review: The LadyBug Nail Polish Holder

Good morning everyone. I’d like to show you guys something.

Meet The LadyBug.

The LadyBug Nail Polish Holder is a nifty little invention for all of you folks out there who might struggle with keeping your polish bottle in place while painting your nails (or folks like me who don’t like to stop what we’re doing to tilt a bottle of polish on its side when it’s running low).

It’s designed to hold bottles of all sizes and shapes. And I must say that it holds the long, thin Julep bottles with ease. I’m not afraid of knocking those over anymore.

For example, my bottle of Citra 3.

See? It tilts at an angle so you can continue to paint your nails with ease. It also can sit upright, and it will not fall over. It wobbles, which I find a little odd, but hey… if that’s your thing, you do it.

They used to sell these through Amazon, but you can connect with the people at LadyBug through Twitter: @LadyBugHolder and Facebook: LadyBug Nail Polish Holder to find out how to order.

**Product sent for review**

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