Pink Wednesdays: BB Couture Scorching Strawberry

Good morning everyone!

I am super excited about this polish. You might recall that I won it in a giveaway hosted by Nicole at Nightly Nails. And it’s also the first BB Couture polish that I’ve ever owned (shameful, I KNOW).

When I saw it on her nails, I knew that I had to have it. Luck just happened to be on my side when she did the drawing. 😀

Without further ado, Scorching Strawberry:

The bottle color is more accurate.

This polish is a blue-toned pink jelly, which works well with my skin tone.

In the bottle, there is fine silver shimmer. It doesn’t really show up on the nails, though.

This is three coats and a coat of SV.

I wore this polish around for about three days. Then, when I got bored, I did a glitter gradient with Sinful Colors Frenzy and wore it for another few days. 😀

BB Couture polishes can be picked up from Overall Beauty. I highly recommend them. Kim (owner) is a complete sweetheart. 🙂


4 thoughts on “Pink Wednesdays: BB Couture Scorching Strawberry

    • It was hot. LoL. I should have taken a picture, but since I was just goofing off, I didn’t. Reminded me a lot of the ChG Verano that I wore to the cupcake place.

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