Pink Wednesdays: Bootie Babe Pinky Dinky

Hello everyone!

Have y’all recovered from Halloween yet? I’m not sure I have, but it’s all good. 😀

Today I wanted to share with you guys a polish from a brand new company, Bootie Babe. You know… the ones where the bottles are shaped like butts…

Pinky Dinky is a blue-based pink with a silver pearly shimmer.

Heh... I'm groping the butt. I couldn't think of a good way to hold the bottle.

You see three coats here with a coat of Seche Vite.

I have zero complaints about the formula (at least this particular color). It’s very pigmented and applies quite smoothly.

However, I (and several others) have had a few complaints about the bottles arriving with polish leaking. Observe…

Sorry for terrible pic... I took a cell phone pic before cleaning the bottle.

And here:

Sorry for terrible pic... I took a cell phone pic before cleaning the bottle.

From my understanding, the company is trying to make things right with people by replacing the messed up bottles. But since I won this bottle from a Twitter contest, I am not angry or looking for a replacement. I’m just a little disappointed that the lids should have been securely tightened before mailing.

Also, another thing to be aware of–these bottles are smaller than I expected them to be. They’re only 0.31 fl oz/9.17 ml. And since smaller bottles = smaller brushes, it might also be a tad awkward to hold the brush “handle.”

The colors also don’t seem too unique. But with all that said, if you’re looking to buy a butt-shaped bottle of nail polish, check out Bootie Babe Cosmetics. Polishes retail for $9 plus shipping.

6 thoughts on “Pink Wednesdays: Bootie Babe Pinky Dinky

  1. I need a bottle of these.. just one. I just want one for the bottles. lol I wish it wasn’t so small though. Its a pretty color on you!

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