31 Days of Halloween-Day 30: Zombie Nails

Ghoul morning my friends. (Ha!)

Today’s nail art is the last I have to showcase for you during this glorious month of Halloween. Sadness, I know. 😉

Enter Zombie Nails:

For the base, I started with a black creme (China Glaze Liquid Leather). Then, I sponged on a gray creme (Pure Ice Kiss Me Here).

Next, I lightly sponged on a combination of Pure Ice’s Wild Thing (almost a chartreuse green) and Wet ‘n Wild’s Fantasy Makers Night Glow (glow in the dark) to mimic putrescence. Did y’all know that putrescence kind of glows in the dark? There’s a tip from me to you.

At this point, I had some pretty gruesome-looking nails. But I wanted to add something to really make this stand out. So I added some dripping blood using Fright Night’s Claw Polish in Bloodshed. Then, I coated it with Matte Magic to make it look like old, dried blood.

And then, I wound up dinging one of my nails. Instead of being cheesed off, I thought: Holy balls, Batman! It looks like layers of my nail are coming off. I love it! So I dinged up the rest of my nails to look like that.

So there you have it. LoL.


P.S. I think these would be more effective if I had used some Halloween makeup to paint my hands a gruesome blackened gray. But I didn’t have any handy. 😦

6 thoughts on “31 Days of Halloween-Day 30: Zombie Nails

  1. you did it! you did what I wanted too do zombie nails! I couldn’t for the life of me think of how to do it. I say you did awesome with it! I love it.

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