31 Days of Halloween- Day 29: Easy Peasy Mani

I know this is a swatch-type day, but I wanted to show you guys that doing your nails up for Halloween doesn’t have to mean a whole lot of pomp and circumstance–unless you want it to. 🙂

For example, I simply painted my nails in a basic orange (you can totally use any base color you wish… sparkles… glitter… you name it). Purple would also work really well here, or maybe something to match that costume you’re wearing to that party. You get the drift.

Then you simply coat it with a layer of black crackle-type polish (there are probably hundreds on the market now). I find that crackle coats work best with three quick strokes. Don’t worry about applying it perfectly–it’s going to crack anyhow.

Add a layer of top coat, and BOOM. Done.

The color combination here is what screams Halloween. And it was crazy simple to do.

You could also probably paint your nails a lighter color, coat them with a glow in the dark polish, then crackle.


7 thoughts on “31 Days of Halloween- Day 29: Easy Peasy Mani

    • Go for it, girl… I think this is the most stress-free mani I’ve done in a while. I didn’t have to worry if the base color underneath was uneven–I was slapping a polish on top that was going to crack anyhow. LoL

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