31 Days of Halloween- Day 28: Mummified

Each day brings us closer to Halloween. Everyone got their costumes ready to roll?

Today I have for you Mummy Nails!

I wanted Konad plate S06 for this design so I could have perfect lines. But it was not meant to be. I will have it before next Halloween though! LoL

I started with a white base & sponged on a light brown polish (dirty bandages anyone?). Then came the acrylic paints for the wrapping and trappings.

I hope you like them. 😀


6 thoughts on “31 Days of Halloween- Day 28: Mummified

  1. I think the lack of “perfect’ lines is actually really appropriate for this design. I doubt the mummy would be concerned with precise placement of his bandages, considering they’re just there to cover rotting flesh.

    Feel better? 😀

    (I still hope you get your Konad plate soon, whatever that is. Yes, I’m showing my nail ignorance once more.)

    • Yeah, I’m not sure they actually cared about much of anything after passing. Certainly not their brains being scrambled by a coat hanger and dragged out their noses.

      And I hope I do too. 🙂

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