31 Days of Halloween- Day 20: Candy Corn Nails

And good morning to you guys. I hope this morning is finding you well. 🙂

Today’s entry is another super simple nail design. And it doesn’t require a whole lot. Just three colors and either some hole reinforcers (from school supply section) or some french tip stickers (which I used).

I started with the yellow (Hard Candy Splendid). I waited for that to dry, then placed a french tip guide right where I wanted the orange to start. The orange is Wet ‘n Wild Sunny Side Up (apparently this is my go-to orange this season). Once that dried, I placed another guide sticker where I wanted the white to start. For this white, I used China Glaze White On White. Once I was finished (and cleaned up the lines a little bit), I used a coat of Seche to seal it all in.

And because I’ve never seen a shiny piece of candy corn in the real world, I added a coat of China Glaze Matte Magic. LoL.

You can use this design for a funky french (which I love the look of those) or invert the colors (you’d start with white at the top). You can use glitter or shimmer polishes–anything you want. 🙂

9 thoughts on “31 Days of Halloween- Day 20: Candy Corn Nails

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