31 Days of Halloween- Day 8: Magick Marble!

Good morning again.

I decided that I could not let this Halloween season fly by without at least one water marble. So I did just that.

Forgot to rub the cuticle oil in. Fingers have been dying from all the swatching and art. I apologize if this icks you out.

I didn’t want straight black and orange. So I threw some purple in there (since I love the combo of black and purple for Halloween too). Also, these are all glitter or shimmer polishes. I didn’t want flat cremes for something that I thought should be flashy. 😀

I started with a base of Zoya Tanzy to hide any screw ups (that’s also the orange glitter polish that I used in the water marble itself). I also used Oke.Doke. Purple Nurple for the delicious purple color. Finally, I used Fantasy Makers Black Magic (new version) for the black (you will be seeing it by itself soon).

I love all the patterns except for the index finger. But after I redid it four times, this is what I was left with. It’s the last one I did, and apparently water marbling was done with me before I was done with it. LoL

I really enjoyed this look, and if I had the patience, I’d do a full mani of it. 😉


P.S. Don’t forget to enter my Halloween haiku giveaway!

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