Swatched: Hard Candy Splendid

Long time no see, yeah?

So I’ve had this color for a while now. I usually only buy yellows for nail art because (1) they never apply correctly and (2) they never look good on me.

In this case, the color might not look good on me, but it applies like a dream–which I cannot say for most yellows out there.

This was three easy coats. It’s pretty opaque and not really streaky–at all.

The real reason I’m showing you this now is because I’ll be using it a lot in my upcoming 31 Days of Halloween segment. And I figured it was about time I showed you guys what it really looks like right out of the bottle.

I’ve previously used this color in other nail art applications: Rubber Ducky, LGBT Pride & Mardi Gras.

I’m really sorry about the lack of posts. I’m hoping that what I have planned for the whole month of October will more than make up for the ghost town this place has been lately. 😀

Oh yeah, I’ve also been featured on “Best of the Web: Style Blogs of the Week” from Feel free to check out the giant orange headshot. 😉

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