Swatched: Julep Alfre

**Updated 09/01/11: Some fellow nail bloggers (and non-bloggers) have run into issues with Julep regarding their referral program and customer service practices. For more information, I suggest checking out Jen’s and Kitty’s posts. Though I am fully aware of the current problems surrounding the Maven program, I will continue to participate unless my own experiences with Julep give me a reason not to. As always, use your judgment.**

This is the other color which came in my Julep Maven “Classic With a Twist” intro box. (You’re still not a Julep Maven? I think everyone should try at least one box! Find out how here*. And don’t forget the discount code! Enter TWITTER at check out for 50% off your first box.)

Alfre is a new, as-of-yet unreleased color for Fall 2011.

Dunno what's up with the pinky--it looks fine IRL

It’s a muted steely purple that seems to be a bit on the frosty side. Now might be a good time to practice your three-stroke application technique so that all the brushstrokes aren’t overly obvious.

It’s actually a really pretty shade, if you’re careful with application. And don’t mind a frost-type of finish.


P.S. We are probably on the way to Panama City at this time. Wish us luck LoL.

*The link included in this post is a referral link. You get one too, when you sign up for the Julep Maven program. Each successful referral gives you a $15 credit. Enjoy!



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