Are You a Julep Maven?

**Updated 09/01/11: Some fellow nail bloggers (and non-bloggers) have run into issues with Julep regarding their referral program and customer service practices. For more information, I suggest checking out Jen’s and Kitty’s posts. Though I am fully aware of the current problems surrounding the Maven program, I will continue to participate unless my own experiences with Julep give me a reason not to. As always, use your judgment.**

No? Why not?

The Julep Maven program is kind of like Birchbox, except it’s all nail/hand care (and polish) all the time. Check it out here*.

For $19.99 a month, you get a delicious box of nail goodies delivered right to your door. The products within the box each month are at least $40 retail (the introductory box retailed for $74!). The best part? You get full-sized products. The nail polishes by themselves retail for $14, so with just one polish, the box has almost paid for itself.

Also what’s really neat: you get an email each month telling you what’s going to be in the next box. If you don’t like the color, you can request a “shelf pull” and they will pick another color based on your personal style quiz. If you need to pause your box for a month, you can totally do that. And, if you know of someone that needs a pick-me-up, you can send your box to a friend. How neat is that?

I’m really excited to share my box with you guys! 🙂

When I took the personal style quiz, I was categorized as “Classic With a Twist.”

Goodies came in a Julep bag tied with a bow. Awwww...

So, I untied the bow and thought, “This is the best birthday gift evah.” (Tomorrow is my birthday, in case you’re wondering if I’m a crack head.)

This is what came inside the bag:

The color on the right is called Alfre–it’s an unreleased color for Fall 2011. It’s a steely purple shimmer. The color on the left is Carrie-a girly pink. Which I’m certainly OK with (Pink Wednesday anyone?). And in the middle is Julep’s basecoat. I am interested in giving this a whirl too. I’m married to one particular basecoat, so we’ll see how it stacks up. 😉

There’s a full-size tube of Julep’s Glycolic Hand Scrub called “Facial for Hands” (and I’m really looking forward to indulging myself with this!) which retails for $32. They also included two samples: one of Facial for Hands and one of their SPF 30 Hand Cream.

So like I said, I’m super excited. What’s in your Julep Maven box?

Oh. You haven’t signed up? What are you waiting for? There’s even a code that will get you a 50% discount on your first box: TWITTER

*The link included in this post is a referral link. You get one too, when you sign up for the Julep Maven program. Each successful referral gives you a $15 credit. Enjoy!


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