NOTD: OPI DS original

The last time I wore this, I did this polish zero justice. Shameful it was (Yoda!).

Anyhow, since it was all bright and sunny outside, I decided to whip it out again and fix the error of my ways! 😀

Ooooh… Ahhhh…

DS original is a light purple holo. And I loves it. And I wants to hug it and squeeze it and pet it… well, you get the picture.

I applied this in a sandwich method: base, two coats of DS original, layer of top coat, then another coat of DS original.

I really don’t find that top coat dulls the holo effect. Once it dries, it’s still just as blingtastic as always. I just wanted to try a new way of applying holo polish that I had heard so much about.

Enjoy the eye candy!

P.S. The hubs and I are in the middle of planning a move to Panama City next weekend. While we are sad to leave Mobile, we are hoping that this will open up a new and more exciting chapter in our lives. So I apologize in advance if posts get even more sketchier than they have been recently. 😉

I also wanted to say hi to my new Twitter and FB followers. All of my followers mean so much to me. *hugs*

6 thoughts on “NOTD: OPI DS original

  1. I LOVE your new layout! So cool. And whoa, this is stunning!
    I hope you’ll enjoy your new home, good luck with the move, I’ll wish for smooth and easy!

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