NOTD: China Glaze Verano + Sinful Colors Frenzy

Glitter is magical.

I went dusty diving at my old nail shop when I visited Birmingham a few days ago. I found this old white-label China Glaze named Verano. And yes, it does say “Summer” to me (a tidbit for those who don’t speak Spanish: verano=summer).  😉

Anywhoodle, Verano is a pink-toned purple with silver shimmer (almost frosty, but definitely not). And it’s really pink compared to the glitter which I bombed it in (Sinful Colors Frenzy). You can see my very first glitterbombing with Frenzy here.


I have not been able to stop staring at my nails. I am super pleased with how this turned out. Special thanks to Kari from the Once Bitten Blog for helping me with my gradient. She does them the best. I had to learn from the master.

Could not capture just how sparkly this really was

This is the mani I was we wearing when I tore up the cupcake place earlier today (I won a free 1/2 dozen cuppy cakes on Twitter from Twist Cupcakes).

The excitement builds

Their menu makes me want to live there.

I had planned my assault late last night. I picked which six I was going for. When I got there, I almost lost my game plan. They had additional flavors!!!

Like Dreamsicle(!!!) and Salted Caramel(!!!). *dies*

I stuck as close to my original agenda as possible (and for orientation, the box display is two columns of three):

I left this one intentionally big so you can dive right into the box

I knew I had to have a Maple Bacon one. HAD TO. It’s the one at the very top on the right. There’s bacon crumbled on top as well as in the cake itself.

Kids, I have never had a more satisfying cupcake. I could wax poetic about this one all day and night (and I just might have already gotten started about it on Twitter). I do not have the vocabulary to express my joy. If you are in Mobile or Baldwin County, you need this cupcake in your life.  That is all.

The next one I asked for was Chocolate Mint. There are crumbled Andes mints on it. I might be in love. Center right.

And I love lemon, so Lemon Blossom was a no-brainer. Bottom right.

Of course, I had to have a Red Velvet. I had been dying for a Red Velvet cupcake. If you follow me on Twitter, I’m sorry. I got carried away lamenting over this last week. Center left.

By this time, I was feeling guilty because I hadn’t gotten any for the hubs. So he picked out two Carrot cupcakes. Top & Bottom left. He doesn’t know I’m going to help him nosh one of them. Shhhh.

All in all, I am in love with Twist Cupcakes. I don’t want to move to Panama City now. I won’t be able to get the deliciousness in my face whenever I want.  😦

12 thoughts on “NOTD: China Glaze Verano + Sinful Colors Frenzy

    • Girl, those cupcakes brought a tear to my eye. If I could send them around the world, I would do it in a heartbeat. I’m all scared to eat the other ones because I don’t want to run out. Stupid, yeah?

      And thank you for the compliment on the mani. I love glitterbombs. Not looking forward to removal–I’m out of tinfoil.

  1. I loooove your nails! That gradient is so freakin beautiful! Also, those cupcakes look amazing. There was a place near where I lived in Las Vegas called the Cupcakery and it made amazing cupcakes like that. Nom nom nom 🙂

  2. Okay, I remember you waxing poetic over cupcakes on twitter, but you’ve got me drooling again here. I’m drooling over the idea of salted caramel! MMM.
    This is such a beautiful gradient! I suck at them but I love them so I keep trying.

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