We Love Lucy… and Nail Art ;)

And here is where the two shall meet…

So today would have been Lucille Ball’s 100th birthday.

I conferred with my SFAM a few nights ago about putting in some interesting quips to start this post off. There’s very little that she doesn’t know about Lucy. I think she’s read every book ever put out about her.

Did you know…?

That Lucy filmed the pilot episode of “I Love Lucy” while she was really really pregnant with her first child? The second pregnancy was written into the show. Here is where the fun commenced.

CBS was sooooo paranoid about offending people with her pregnancy, that they had a priest, a rabbi, and a preacher all on the set during every pregnancy episode to make sure it was “tasteful.” And they pushed Lucy and Ricky’s beds apart so as not to condone “marital” behavior. And they forbid them from using the word “pregnant.” They could say “having a baby” or “expecting” instead.

A little overboard? Maybe. But those were the times they lived in.

On to the mani:

100 points for those who know what this mani is based on. Not the thumbnail… that’s too easy.

Go ahead, I’ll wait…


It’s Lucy’s famous dress and apron from the show:

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10 thoughts on “We Love Lucy… and Nail Art ;)

    • Girlllll that thumb gave me so many problems. I thought I’d never get the font looking right! ❤

      I haven't seen you around lately. All good in the hood?

  1. I adore this manicure. It came out so beautifully–better than I had even hoped. So proud of my bestie.

    Thanks for your support with the blogathon. You’re worth a million and one to me. 🙂

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