NOTD: Butter London No More Waity, Katie

I’m pretty sure that I’ve mentioned just how much the closest ULTA to where I live sucks, and how their nail polish section should be ashamed of itself, and that corporate should come in and spank the managers. They’re planning on building two new ones in the Mobile area, so I won’t have to travel to D’Iberville, MS to visit that ULTA just to be disappointed and disillusioned and thus, homicidal.

Fortunately for me, I was in Birmingham this weekend. So I decided to visit the ULTA which was right across the street from my hotel.

OMG, I love this place. Pretty sure I spent an hour in there while the hubs sat in the vehicle. Had he come inside, he would have ruined my joy. I am glad he did not.

I dug through the $2.00 ULTA brand polishes and ruled most of them out. I poked around the displays of OPI and lamented that they were out of I Lily Love You (shakes fist). I picked up the Silver Shatter and put it back, along with one of the Serena Williams OPI sets (with the current employment situation, it’s not been productive to spend lots of money). Then, I remembered… what can I get here that I can’t get anywhere else? So I ran to the Essence display (fine, I walked with a purpose). But, I didn’t see anything that I couldn’t live without. So I trudged back over to OPI, intent on getting something. I’m pretty sure (in my mind at the time), it would have been worse spending an hour inside and come out empty-handed.

Then… like the flash of inspiration it was, I spotted a bottle of Butter London’s Wallis. I remember on Twitter that someone was looking for it. I don’t blame them, it’s a pretty neat color. It was out of place in the OPI section (at least when I put stuff back, I try to get it as close to where I originally picked it up as possible). So I looked around for the Butter London display. I spotted it. I took off.

What do I spot when I get there? One bottle of No More Waity, Katie. I had been wanting this polish since Jen swatched it. And there it sat, just waiting to come home with me. So I picked it up, and started picking around the display to see what other lovelies they had. I knew that they couldn’t come home with me at this time, but I could hide them and pick them up later if I was creative enough. They had one bottle of All Hail The Queen (aka All Hail McQueen). I hid it in case hubby bumped his head and said I could get it. If I don’t pick it up, feel free to tell people it’s behind the gift sets on the bottom shelf at the Brook Highland ULTA on 280, k? LoL

Anyhow, on to the polish:

No More Waity, Katie is lilac colored glitter in a sheer, murky purple base.

I love the color, and I love glitter. But, I barely got this polish to act right in three coats. One was pathetically bare, two was horrifically (is that a word, and does it mean what I hope it does?) streaky, and three was about as much patience as I had to spare. And it’s still shamefully spotty (I don’t recommend making pic bigger by clicking… makes the bald spots painfully visible). I wasn’t expecting my first Butter London polish to be like this. I expected it to apply like… you know… butter. LoL

I am betting that I will be much more awesome-fied about All Hail The Queen (if hubs bumps his head, you know…).

Not sure how long this one is going to stay in my stash. Any application tips from people that got it to look better than I did?

4 thoughts on “NOTD: Butter London No More Waity, Katie

  1. I love my NMWK. If yours is gloppy, try thinning it–a lot of gals have reported this helps, though my bottle didn’t need it. Also, I like it layered over taupe–that would disguise any streaks.

  2. I love that polish and I am lemming for it badly, but the performance of it leaves me a bit sad 😦 Maybe next time put it over a blue, black or purple polish to make it look a bit better? :-/

  3. Those are excellent ideas. I may have to give it another shot layered over another color. I’m not willing to give up on it yet, since I have really wanted this one. ❤

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