NOTD: Zoya Kieko + Nail Art

For those of you keeping track, the teabag nail repair method is AWESOME. That is all.

This color was released as part of the Summertime (2011) collection. I’ve heard it’s a dupe for OPI’s Pamplona Purple. I don’t have that shade, so… yeah…

Can any of y’all tell I took that pic with my smartphone? I am so sad. My camera apparently eats batteries (it feels that way. I imagine it’s because I take 100’s of pictures).  So, I’m currently without my real camera.  I want a DSLR dammit. Or at least some rechargeable batteries. And these batteries are so odd, I have to go to a battery or camera store to get them. WTF.

While I’m sitting here waiting for the Hubs to throw on some damn clothes and take me to the casino, I decided to stamp a design (IKR?! I’m excited too). When I said “a” design, that’s exactly what I mean:

Just one

That’s China Glaze Millenium. Freaking awesome.

I need more stamping plates.

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