NOTD: China Glaze Ruby Pumps + Nail Art

This is one of my faves.

From the Wizard of Ooh Ahz collection, this pretty is Ruby Pumps.

I realized I had never swatched this by itself. I had used it as a base for my ladybug nail art before, but never gave it the proper spotlight.

Spotlight on…

Sexy, sparkly, glittery goodness. 😀

So, we’re taking my MIL to the casino Wednesday (you don’t say…) for the July birthday drawing. I like doing different nails when visiting the casino to see if I can get reactions out of the people who join me for 8+ hours at the roulette table (yes, I play roulette for 8+ hours most of the time).

Back on track. I decided I needed some sexy nail art. Enter the corset:

It loses something between my sketch and my execution. But as long as you can tell what it is, I’m good. LoL

The “skintone” color is a franken I made from Zoya Flowie and ChG White On White. I added clear polish to jelly it up a bit.

Dunno why the sparkly glitter isn’t showing up on the accent nail. It’s there. And it’s awesome.  😉

Also, if you’ve never noticed before, I have a hard time drawing straight lines. Ha!

8 thoughts on “NOTD: China Glaze Ruby Pumps + Nail Art

  1. Hi sweetheart, I was trying to find your email, but I couldn’t find it, so I’ll have to write here. I’ve just discovered your blog, and it’s wonderful! Keep up the good work!


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