Nail Art: Casino Style


By the time you read this, hubs and I will be at the casino. I know, we’re always at the casino. This time we’re staying a couple of days WOOT. Do people even say “WOOT” anymore?

Either way, I decided it was high time I cracked into some water decals that I purchased from evilBay a few months ago. (I have another pack that I’m waiting for football season before I whip them out on my unsuspecting readers).

Back to the ramblings… we will be in Biloxi tomorrow through Tuesday. If you’re in town, stop by. I can usually be found at the roulette wheel. If I’m not there, I’m in the poker room.  😉

Click for better detail

I put on a coat of Zoya’s Soho Punch (which is really sheer and meant as a layering polish) to pink up my nail beds. Then, I painted the french tip in white. Then, I did the water decal placement.

Less blurry?

I had way too much free edge on a few nails (I’m looking at you, ring finger…) for this particular design. But it’s really fun. And it looks great in real life.

Have a great week everyone!



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