NOTD: MAC Obey Me + Independence Day Nail Art

“And I’m proud to be an American…”

Damn you, Lee Greenwood.

Anyhow, my SFAM sent me an early birthday package (and by early, I mean really early). But hey, I don’t mind. I loved being surprised. Her b-day was this past weekend. Did I even mail her present yet? No. I’m still staring at it sitting on my printer. Will I get around to mailing it? I’d like to think so. Ha!

In said birthday package, I received the two polishes from MAC’s Wonder Woman collection, Obey Me (red creme) and Spirit Of Truth (blue creme) as well as some Burt’s Bees cuticle cream. ❤

I decided to slap on Obey Me and wear it as my NOTD.

Then I said to myself, “Self… you’ve been looking for some 4th of July nail art bases. Here you go.”

And thusly, I painted my cheeseball rendition of Old Glory:

I taped off the sections, then painted on ChG White On White. While that was wet, I sprinkled on some white glitter. Then, I painted the blue french tip with MAC Spirit Of Truth. Then, I found a sheet of tiny rhinestones, and they made their way onto the blue tip. No, there’s not 50 stars. There’s only 16. This was an earlier America, k? LOL


3 thoughts on “NOTD: MAC Obey Me + Independence Day Nail Art

  1. I’m so glad you liked your present. Loving the nail art. Now just fit another 34 stars on that finger and we’ll be all historically accurate and shit. 😀

  2. Thank y’all. ❤

    Imma try a water marble and hope it goes well. It's been a hot minute since I tried to pull one of those off. Pretty sure Mardi Gras was the last one.

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