Pink Wednesdays: China Glaze Good Witch? + Nail Art

Have I told y’all that I really love the Wizard of Ooh Ahz collection? I know I might have bitched a little about how I couldn’t get Dorothy Who? or Cowardly Lyin’ to become opaque on their own. But that’s really small potatoes in comparison to how much I lurves them. And I should just wear underwear with them. I can do that–no big deal.

This one is the lovely Good Witch? for your enjoyment today (I know it seems like every time I type the “?” you read it with a lilt like you’re asking a question. I know. I’m sorry. ChG did that, not me. And who am I to change their polish names?).

Pink? Check. Sparkly? Check. Fan-freakin’-tastic? CHECK!

I encourage you to click the bigger pic to see more sparkly goodness if you haven’t already. Glittery goodness, yum!

Click the picture to the right to see many more lovely ladies who wear pink on Wednesdays. 🙂


I decided to play around with my stamping again. Not everything can be made of WIN all the time, but I’m trying. LoL.

I should have just cropped the index finger and pinky finger out and only show you my two favorites. Don’t let it blind you too much:

Focus on the two in the middle and everything will be OK...

4 thoughts on “Pink Wednesdays: China Glaze Good Witch? + Nail Art

  1. This is really pretty I was just looking at this before to see if I wanted to add to my WL and I do. 🙂 Thank you. 🙂 Very pretty on you.

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