Pink Wednesdays: Artform Light Pink Holo

Well… this is the last holo polish that qualifies for Pink Wednesday (that I currently own at least). So enjoy. I know I’m getting days of enjoyment out of it.

Artform is a private label brand from AUS. Run you lovely Aussies. I’m still jeals.

This is just begging for some leopard stamping. LoL.

Oh yes, and if you haven’t gone to vote yet, please head over to Nail Polish Art Addiction and vote in the “Good Enough to Eat” contest. I’m #41, in case you were interested. But I’ve been giggling about the trout nails. I LOVE THEM. I also love many of the other designs out there. And a few of my sister bloggers have awesome entries as well. Go check them out and show the love.

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