I Won a Giveaway + Nail Art

So I won LaynieFingers‘ Kiss/Broadway Nails giveaway earlier this month.  Let me tell you I was super excited!  😀

Fuzzy just wouldn't bail out of my pic

Anyhow, that’s all the cool stuff that I got in the giveaway. That’s also my cat Fuzzy. Or Fuzzybutt. Her real name is Isis, but I don’t think she knows it. We certainly don’t call her that.

First up in the many things to play with:

Broadway Nails Stick-on Wraps with a funky dot pattern. I chose these first because I’ve never used any whole-nail type stickers or effects, and this was my least favorite of the two designs I received. If I screw them up, I won’t be too hurt.  😉

These are quite literally nail stickers. It says, “To remove, just peel off!” Definitely not like the Salon Effects. I’d like to not lose layers of finger nail, so I’m going to try acetone and hopefully it will just melt the sticker off.

They even have toe-nail size stickers LoL. They look toe-nail size. I hope they’re toe-nail size… o.O


They do remove with acetone. Kind of just dissolves the sticker and glue.

Also, these are a pain in the nuts–I repeat, a pain in the nuts. My index fingernail grows oddly, and the sticker refused to lay correctly. I probably need more practice. Like a lot.

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