NOTD: Zoya Breezi

This is one of the Summertime polishes that I picked up on the BOGO. This doesn’t seem “cerulean” whatsoever.

Mine seems darker than the other swatches I’ve seen. :\

Of course , I don’t have Suzi Says Feng Shui (which is the dupe to this) to see if my bottle is off.

5 thoughts on “NOTD: Zoya Breezi

  1. Honestly, when I look at it (and I’m wearing it now on my pedi) mine is darker also. I’m not sure what the deal is? Or if people are taking photos of it in unusual lighting or something weird. For what its worth, mine photographed and looks much like yours does.

  2. Mine looks like yours, too! I was getting really frustrated with other sites and photos because mine did not look as “teal” as others. I really like this darker look! But it is definitely different and a bit confusing.

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