NOTD: Hard Candy Beetle

Today I have for you an awesome big box store find. I was traipsing around the local Wally World earlier this week when I saw two bottles of polish that I have been actively looking for: Hard Candy Beetle. Well, I was looking for one–the second one is just gravy.

I had already run out of my polish allowance money for March (horror!). So, I stashed one behind some face primer and left the other sitting toward the back of the display.

Friday, we had a yard sale and I made a few bucks. So, I went back later that day and picked them both up (apparently, my stashing was not necessary).

If you’re saying this looks familiar, you’d be correct. I know it’s at least a dupe for Orly Space Cadet. There may be another polish out there that it’s a dupe to. The plus side?–it was 5 bucks.

Beetle has a iridescent green base with orange glitter that also flashes red and gold. Therefore, this bad boy has a duochrome (multichrome?) effect. With all of the glitter, it gives this polish a foil/metallic finish too. Bonus.

It applies fairly streaky, with some cuticle pull. I avoided the worst of it by making sure that the previous coat was completely dry before applying the next one.

This is three coats over a ridge-filling basecoat with a coat of Seche Vite.

I could also spend all day trying to capture this polish in a picture, and I would still not be successful.

4 thoughts on “NOTD: Hard Candy Beetle

  1. *Sigh* The beautiful Beetle. It looks so lovely on you! I’d been looking for this forever and finally snagged a couple bottles of it at Wal-Mart yesterday. Yay for gorgeous duochromes!

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