Pink Wednesdays: Claire’s Funky/Fabulous

Or Fabulous/Funky. Either way.

A new feature to this blog is Pink Wednesdays. I’ve chosen my inaugural post to be this nifty mood polish from Claire’s: Funky/Fabulous (or Fabulous/Funky). And it’s just as awesome as the description “mood changing polish” implies.

When your hands/fingers/toes are warm, it’s this hot reddish pink color (Fabulous):

When your hands/fingers/toes are cold, it’s this hot berry pink color (Funky):

Sorry for the water droplets. Had to make it change!

Most of the time, mine has a gradient look because my free edge is past the tips of my fingers (and therefore, cooler):

Couldn't get the camera to really capture it

All in all, these polishes are quite fun to play with–even if the changes weren’t that drastic in this one.

6 thoughts on “Pink Wednesdays: Claire’s Funky/Fabulous

  1. What a perfect first Pink Wednesday choice. It’s a two-for-one pink! And I don’t think there are many things as girly sounding as “Claire’s mood changing pink nail polish.”

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