NOTD: China Glaze Hyper Haute

This pretty little thing is one of the new Tronica polishes released by China Glaze. I knew from other bloggers not to be expecting too much on the holo front, even though these are categorized as holographic. I promise you, the holo isn’t strong in these under ordinary circumstances. But, I can really see it flashing under the OttLite. No idea about how it flashes in actual sunlight because it was midnight when I put this on.  😉

I was already expecting to purchase three of the others based on swatches I had seen. This one found it’s way home with me because I loved the way it looked. I don’t own a lot of berry colored polishes, so I was glad to add this to the collection.

But good goddess at the cuticle drag. It applies about as bad as all other holo polishes I’ve ever put on, so make sure the previous coat is dry before trying to slap on the next one. And when painting, try not to go over the same spot more than once, or you’ll just wipe off the polish that’s already on there. This is three coats. No topcoat.

Do I recommend running out to buy these? Only if you really like the colors. I say appreciate the colors first, and any holo you might see in it is just gravy.  😉

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