NOTD: Zoya Happi

It’s kind of dreary here at the moment. 90% chance of rain. Parades probably going to get washed away (aka rescheduled). General doom and gloom.

Bump that.

I decided to do my nails in a polish that would be guaranteed to cheer me up: Zoya Happi.

Zoya Happi is a sheer pink with a golden shimmer. Application kind of sucked (for me). Lots of cuticle drag, and as previously stated, it’s pretty sheer. But it gets better with 3 coats. Three is a livable amount for me, so I’m good. That being said, this is the first Zoya polish that has fought against me in regards to drying in a timely fashion.

Whatever. I refuse to be thwarted.

I got this polish when Zoya did the “3-free sale,” but I got about 9. And a bunch of spoons. I’m weak like that.

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