Swatch: China Glaze Crackle Glazes pt 3

Ok, so this is the last installment of the China Glaze Crackle Glazes that I have for you. If you missed Part One or Part Two, click the respective linkage. Now, on to the picture… 🙂

This is Crushed Candy over Purple Nurple.

I didn’t pick up the white crackle called Lightning Bolt. I just didn’t want it. I couldn’t foresee myself using it, so it got put to the back of the line. I may pick it up one day before Sally’s runs out of it (I know the one in Biloxi will have it at least until the beginning of March because the display isn’t even out yet). But I’m just as likely to not pick it up.

And because my darling friend Becky asked me to show the gray crackle (Cracked Concrete) over a purple, here are two examples on my thumb:

Over Purple Nurple


Over ChG Grape Juice

These were shot under an OttLite, but they’re fairly accurate. I like the dark better.

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