Nail Art: Mardi Gras style

I’m super excited to show you two of the designs that were swirling around my brain this week.

As you probably know, we’re in the midst of the Mardi Gras parade season where I live (with Mardi Gras being on March 8 this year). What you may not know is that even though Mobile’s Mardi Gras parades are not as well known as New Orleans’, they came first.

You heard correctly. Mobile began celebrating Mardi Gras in 1703, before New Orleans was founded. And between you and me, I like Mobile’s parades better. New Orleans’ parades are better left to the tourists… and to the drunk college kids who feel the need to wave their respective junk around to get beads (or molested).

But I digress.

I have for you today a mask and beads design layered over Purple Nurple from yesterday’s post.

I started out painting the mask (ring finger) with various nail polishes and a striper brush. I didn’t like the way it was turning out, so I whipped out the little bullion beads that I had ordered from the Born Pretty Store. I should have started out with using them, but hey… you live and learn.

Then, I was tinkering with the idea of using a dotting tool to make the beads that are often thrown from the floats (index finger). But then, I decided to use the bullion beads once again (because they’re nifty). The square rhinestones came from Sally’s.

Sorry for the blurriness

So there you have it.

P.S. I have included a few pictures from this past weekend’s Krewe de Vieux parade in New Orleans–after the jump… because it’s just not work appropriate.

Crazy Stuff You See at Mardi Gras, New Orleans


Mermaid Boobies

No idea...

Apparently this is a penis float...

But my favorite:

Yep. That's a giant bong.

6 thoughts on “Nail Art: Mardi Gras style

    • Thank you dahling. I’ve got some more awesome Mardi Gras pics to post from tonight’s parade… so the next installment of nail art might be moon pies and doubloons. LOL

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