Swatch: China Glaze Crackle Glazes pt 1

Two of them, to be exact.

I have been scouring the Sally Beauty Supply stores everywhere I went this weekend. I found three of these beauties in Slidell, LA. In the above picture, the pink crackle is Broken Hearted and the purple crackle is Fault Line. They’re both layered over the Sinful Colors Mint Apple I previously had on.

I also picked up Crushed Candy, which is a beautiful turquoise shade of blue, to be swatched later.

But I would not be stymied in my search for the black crackle polish (Black Mesh) or the gray one (Cracked Concrete). On the way home from LA, I decided to go to the Sally Beauty right across the street from the beach in Biloxi, MS.

Only to find they didn’t have any out on display. Oh, I was a sad panda to be sure.

So I asked the SA if they had them. I even showed her my swatched nails so she could see just how awesome it was. She hadn’t even heard of them.

But the manager had. They weren’t scheduled to put them out until March. The manager went to the back and pulled out these lovely gems:

These will be swatched later along with Crushed Candy. Stay tuned!


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